Aviemore Map Sample,

WOLF - Aviemore

Urban Sprint, BTO SOUL 9

Sat 23rd Sep 2017

Type of event: District Race-(C), Sprint, Urban
Type of terrain: Urban


Mapping Aviemore has been a major project for BASOC over the last 3 years. We are delighted with the new map which will be used for the first time at this event.

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View from Balliefurth, https://www.basoc.org.uk/images/VHI_2013_BASOC_members.jpg

WOLF - Auchernack & Balliefurth

Middle Distance & VHI relay

Sat 23rd Sep 2017

Type of event: District Race-(C)
Type of terrain: Forest, Woodland


Event Report

Apologies to the Green course competitors who had the wrong time input for the mass start and so their splits printout at download had approx 8 extra mins to the first control. This was soon rectified and all results are now correct.

Q: What does "Gaffled" mean?

A: Gaffel is the Swedish word for 'fork'. It's where a course is forked in places to minimise following. This is mostly used in relay running where over the 3 legs, everyone has run exactly the same. Due to the veteran home international relay in the morning, we thought it would be a great opportunity to use these courses for everyone to have a go. It meant that you didn't run exactly the same as other people on the green, so as a stand alone event it wasn't completely fair. However the distances were all within i think 30m. It's not a concept that would be used in a championship of any sort (apart from relay of course!). It meant that for today you were running similar to others, but had to keep concentrating because you might not always have the same next control. Hope that helps!

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Tullochgribban map,

WOLF Warm Up Mass Start Race


Tue 20th Jun 2017

Type of event: Local Race-(D), Sprint, Tue=O
Type of terrain: Forest


Event Report

WOLF Warm up Mass Start from Johannes Petersen on Vimeo.

Thanks to the 40+ runners who came along last night. Hope you enjoyed the courses and the beautiful weather. For us it was a great chance to test run the SIAir+ system, and we can now take a decision about whether or not to use this emerging technology at the WOLF (incorporating the presitigious Veteran Home International) in September

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League Winners Carrbridge, https://www.basoc.org.uk/images/schools-league-2017/green.jpg

Schools League and Club Summer Evening Race

Kincraig Village Hall

Tue 06th Jun 2017

Type of event: Local Race-(D)
Type of terrain:


A soggy end to our schools league but great to see so many people there! 

Congratulations to Carrbridge, the 2017 winners!

Full school and individual results along with photos will be uploaded here soon.

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