BASOC eNews April 2021

BASOC colours

BASOC colours
Credit: Purple Jane

Posted: Fri 2 Apr 2021

We can start to get excited with the prospect of actually going orienteering!

1. Welcome to new members

A warm BASOC welcome to our new members:

All these members have been along to Tuesday=O sessions; if you see them at sessions please make them welcome and introduce yourself!

2. Tuesday O is back!

There is an exciting developmental Tuesday=O programme to help you build towards the Scottish Championships at Craig a' Barns on Sunday 13th June 2021.

3. O is back – and so are ticks.

Remember your ‘tick check / removal’ routine. Here are a couple of articles to remind you about these wee arachnids.

4. BASOC coloured paracord ‘thingys’

Support this venture! Here is a message from (Purple) Jane:
"Good evening! Would anyone be interested in a BASOC coloured paracord accessory (or a few of them!)? I am fundraising for a new MTB facility at school and this is one of our projects - we have a number of pupils involved in making them now too

If you would like to “order” any, email me - and donations can be made on our Just Giving page. I’ll either post them out or if I am down in the Strath I’ll deliver.
Any support very gratefully received."
Jane will be at BASOC Tuesday training 6th & 13th April – she will have samples with her.

5. Lochaber 2021 update

There was a news item posted on the Lochaber 2021 website on 26th March 2021. Read it to catch up with the latest information.
The next cost cut-off date is 30th April (Junior rates stay the same, Adults increase by £2). There is likely to be a 2000 entry cap, at the moment there are just under 1400 entries.

6. INVOC & MOR calendars

MOR invite BASOC to ‘cross the border’ into Moray and have a go at their MAD course. MAD are on the new Moravian website under the coaching tab. It is a map memory exercise. You could also look out for Walter (between #3 and #4 on the MM exercise); Roo reports seeing him (he thinks) on the ground near to #13; Roo’s route is in green and Purple Jane’s is in red.

INVOC have a MapRun available at Nairn East Beach.
"INVOC is pleased to let you know that our MapRun *sand dune* event, Nairn East Beach, with two courses – Long and Short - is now ready. These courses are a bit of a change from our urban MapRun courses - you'll be fully in the sand dunes. Event details, maps and the lock codes for MapRun are available from the BOF website. We hope that you enjoy yourselves on these courses."
There is also an iROMP course at Achnasoul (near Contin).

7. Scottish Orienteering and British Orienteering events calendar

These items were mentioned in the last eNews and nothing has changed since then.

8.Scottish Orienteering: Club Conference and Community Conversations

“We are putting together a series of discussion areas and hope to host this virtual discussion on a monthly basis, each time putting together a relevant panel and inviting member contributions.
In April we are hosting our virtual club conference (18th – 23rd April 2021) so the plan is to host an interesting and engaging evening in May on the topic of ‘How inclusive and welcoming is our sport?’. We are in the process of finalising our panel and will publish details as soon as they are available.”
Details of the club conference and the sign up link are on the Scottish Orienteering website.

9. Questionnaire

Would you help with some research? **UPDATE: responses required by 8th April 2021**
A request from Mairi Eades: "This is a questionnaire for my piece of University research, everything is explained in the link. Thanks, Mairi."

10. World Orienteering Day 2021.

This is an annual event which aims to increase the visibility of Orienteering. In 2021 WOD will take place during the week of 8th to 14th September.

Published by Lynne Walker