BASOC eNews June 2021

Maze 2

Maze 2
Credit: Hilary Quick

Posted: Wed 16 Jun 2021

Events are starting to happen – read on for reports on the Scottish Champs and events you can go to.

1. BASOC Tuesday=O, 15th June 2021

This Tuesday=O had a very different theme. First of all, participants went out for a run around part of the Glenmore area, usually in pairs and taking one another on a tour of some paths / boulders / contours. This lasted about 30 minutes.

Then it was the Maze challenge, set up by Gemma, Mehmet & Janette. There were 4 courses with electronic SI punching used. Times for each course were informally recorded – within families there was competition to be the fastest on a course, there was competition between individuals (some seemed to ‘target’ individuals to beat!) and generally a lot of fun was had by all! It was also a great opportunity to chat at a social distance and catch up with others.

Hilary (Q) took photos are there are on the Facebook page BASOC members, along with the average times for each course.

Even the rain held off until most had driven away! One BASOC member took the opportunity to discuss and learn from their navigation at the Scottish Champs.

2. Scottish Champs 2021

BASOC Tuesday=O training for the last 10 weeks has been concentrating on ‘getting back into O’, working on techniques and when to apply them.

Alice Kemsley was 1st in W16A as was Finley Hollinger in M10A. There was also 2nd for Alison Campbell and 3rd for Gemma Karatay, Rob Hickling & Lynne Walker. There is a full article with links to the results and RouteGadget on the BASOC website.

3. BASOC event, Windy Ridge, 5th June 2021

Thanks to Rob Hickling for planning the courses, Jo Cumming for organising and Hilary Quick as Covid-19 officer. Results and a brief report are on the BASOC website.
Did you read the report and see the photo in the local paper (The Strathy) published 10th June?

4. Next BASOC events

Tuesday 6th July, Craigellachie, Aviemore

Start times from 18:15 to 19:00.
Full details are on the BASOC website. You MUST enter before 1st July 2021.

Saturday 28th August, Dunachtonmore (adjacent to the Highland Wildlife Park).
Saturday 25th September, Loch Vaa.

5. Scottish 6 Days, Lochaber 2021

The final decision regarding this event will be taken at the end of June.
There was an update at the end of May.
It all depends on Argyll & Bute and Highland Councils being in Level 0 during the event time in August.
Remember that BASOC is helping on Day 5 (Friday 6th August) at Creag Dubh near Newtonmore if the event goes ahead.
Entries close at the end of June. At the moment they have 2159 entries with 11 of these from BASOC.

6. MOR & INVOC events

Remember to keep an eye on the MOR and INVOC websites for events / MapRun / iROMP.

7. BASOC Dropbox access.

A message from Gemma “A few people have been having problems accessing our club Dropbox accounts. If you would like access and are having problems, let Gemma know and she will re-send you the link.”

Published by Lynne Walker