BASOC eNews January 2021


Credit: Lynne Walker

Posted: Fri 22 Jan 2021

So, back into restrictions with regard to orienteering. BUT you can still do things, read on . . .

1. BASOC Tuesday=O

There is no change to restrictions updated at the start of January 2021.
In line with continuing "stay at home" orders, Tuesday training remains suspended, probably at least until mid February. Controls are still out at Uath Lochans, so if it fits with the requirement for you to stay local when you leave home for exercise, you can get a map PDF from Hilary Q.

There are other orienteering opportunities – MapRun, iROMP (see the INVOC website).
Due to the weather we have had recently, it is highly likely that you will come across ‘ice sheets’ in the area you visit, especially on the tracks. These activities – and informal runs in any forest with a map you might have used previously - are NOT registered with British Orienteering, so there is no insurance cover.

2. MOR have a new website.

Check out the new website.
They are listing quite a few events – with the ‘date subject to change’ proviso.

3. Lochaber 2021

Cheapest entries for the event finish on 31stJanuary 2021.
BASOC is helping to ‘do’ Day 5, Friday 6th August 2021 (Day 5) – please reserve this date , Jo will be in touch to find out if you can come along and help (you will usually also get a run).

4. Team Kenyon bike ride

Team Kenyon are doing a January challenge! 🚴‍♀️🚴🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️
"We are raising money for Outfit Moray, the charity I work for, who provided outdoor learning experiences and adventurous activities for children in Moray.
We are cycling the distance of the North Coast 500, actually 516 miles. This is going to be a challenge in January in the North of Scotland 😂.
If you have any spare money, as you’ve not been allowed out to spend your hard earned cash😆, would you consider sponsoring us please?"
Lil's update as of Monday 11th Jan.
"Today Fergus joined me on a cycle to Lossiemouth, it was 16 miles and I think we were wet through for about 12 of them! It has been lovely cycling in the snow, very challenging in the ice and flipping miserable in today’s downpour! It wouldn’t be a challenge if it was all easy. Our total so far is 293 miles of the 516 and we’ve raised £250. Any more donations would be much appreciated."

5. Orienteering Unlocked – ‘The Best Of’ Competition

Alison (Campbell) took part in the recent competition. She came 12th (out of 124 competitors) in the ‘Rapid Route’ part of the competition, well done!

6. First Aid and Licence to Coach

British Orienteering issued a statement (20thJanuary 2021) regarding coaching and First Aid certificates which expired after 20th March 2020. It is (obviously) hard to get a First Aid Certificate in the current Covid-19 restrictions.
Please ensure that you read the statement issued thoroughly – there is an Educare online module to complete if you are in this situation (limited places, so secure your place soon).
There is also additional guidance for the designated First Aider at an event / activity.

7. And just in case you want to go to an O event on the continent:

Bubo cup news
"The decision is finally taken, the 2021 edition of Bubo cup will be held in terrain around Rogla ski resort in Pohorje mountains. You can check the website for more information.
These are completely new areas for us, 100% stone free but still very beautiful and interesting, just in a different way than karst.
The dates are 21-24 July, which means it can be conveniently combined with the OOcup. 27th – 31st July 2021 on karst terrain – and Lochaber 2021 starts on 1stAugust 2021!
For the 2021 diary of events which ‘may’ be available, see the 7 page spread in the latest issue of CompassSport; this is not completely up to date, for instance in Portugal the NAOM (start of February) and POM (mid February) will both now take place in 2022.

Published by Lynne Walker