We Need You

We Need You

Posted: Wed 7 Apr 2021

BASOC has a couple of exciting short term projects - can you help? The projects are very different so please do take the time to read this.

Scottish 6 Day Lochaber String Courses Day 5, Newtonmore

BASOC is taking responsibility for the String Courses on Friday 6th August.
How would you like to plan and organise the String and Off-string courses - this involves one set of 10 controls. There is a comprehensive manual and people in the club with experience who can act as mentors. The main event is on Creag Dhu (just SW of Newtonmore) and the Strings will be near the parking.
The first thing we need is a theme then 10 images, one for each control. This year there will be no electronics which makes organising much easier. The Juniors are great at helping out on the day. If you are interested please contact Jo, , by Sunday 18thApril.

BASOC Vacancy to apply for funding to help the club grow

We are looking for someone for a short-term self-employed contract to research opportunities and apply for funding to help the club grow. The ideal candidate will have experience of researching and applying for funds, and should have some knowledge of orienteering. We anticipate having funds available to pay a reasonable hourly rate for several days over a few weeks. Anyone interested should talk to Hilary Q in the first place.

Published by Lynne Walker