This is what Purple Jane has been up to!

Jane School

Jane School
Credit: Jane Chisholm

Posted: Thu 3 Sep 2020

Thank you Jane for responding the the appeal for news!

Having sidelined myself from running activities by cracking a rib crashing my MTB I have been enjoying teaching orienteering to S1s and our sports coaching group at school instead. We have been doing head-2-head cone-O, pitch-O, linear courses, score courses, Maths-O, noughts & crosses and my favourite “Capture the O Flag”!
The seniors even had a go at planning their own MapRun course and I am hoping to get mirror-mazes chalked on the ground for next lesson.

We all wish Jane a speedy recovery from the cracked rib and look forward to seeing her out orienteering soon.

Published by Lynne Walker