BASOC eNews August 2023

BASOC at M2023 D3 Roseisle

BASOC at M2023 D3 Roseisle
Credit: Clare Kemsley

Posted: Thu 10 Aug 2023

After a summer break, what's coming up for orienteering?

1. Moray 2023

There is a short report about M2023 on the BASOC website.
A message from Jo (who coordinated BASOC doing the car parking) "BASOC did a great job with parking on Day 5 of the 6 Day and over the event it was a pleasure to see so many members participating."

2. Tuesday=O

The BASOC website will be updated soon with further details of the Tuesday=O training sessions. The outline plan is below.
Tuesday 15th August: Nethy, meeting at the school. The controls have been out since the start of July (thanks Nick) and will come in that evening.
Tuesday 22nd and 29th August: Moor of Alvie, playing with contours.
Tuesdays in September and October: exercises will be planned in Uath Lochans - try the exercises in daylight in September and then in the darker evenings in October!
are required to be the 'on the night person' for September - basically welcoming folks, taking the register (everyone out and back in again) and any money; you can go out on your training exercise as well. Please get in touch with Lynne if you are able to help out for one or more of the Tuesdays in September for this.
October will be on a 'self help' basis, the controls will be out (with reflective DarkO tubes).

3. Events

There are many opportunities to orienteer locally coming up!
Saturday 19th August: Altyre near Forres. MOR are holding an event with a difference!
Saturday 9th September: Darnaway east
Sunday 10th September: Scottish Score, Anagach, hosted by INVOC
Saturday 23rd September: BASOC event, Nethy (probably)
Sunday 24th September: SOL, Loch Vaa, hosted by INT

4. BASOC events and volunteers

The BASOC Board have a meeting on Monday 14th August. Some of the discussion will be around what events etc. (including Tuesday=O) we can sustain as a club. A special eNews will be sent round after the meeting.

Published by Lynne Walker