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Janette D3

Janette D3

Posted: Wed 16 Aug 2023

Extra news about Events, a WOC 2024 Steering Group statement and a date for the Events Safety & Organiser workshops.

1. Events – your opportunity to compete and to get involved!

Local event at Nethybridge, Saturday 23 September – entries are now open. Details and entry form on BASOC website.

Scottish League event at Loch Vaa, Sunday 24 September, organised by Interlopers, great opportunity for good competition. Entries not open yet, but details are on the INT website.

Looking further ahead, our Club Championships will be in the northern part of Loch Vaa (from Boat of Garten) on the afternoon of Saturday 9 December (preceded by the club’s Annual General Meeting and followed by tea and cakes and chat). This event is always carefully formatted and calculated so everyone is in with a chance of victory!

As winter draws in we welcome the return of the Northern Night Cup (series of 6 night events, shared with neighbouring clubs Moravian and INVOC) – Jane Chisholm will be planning one for us on 29 November, probably at Ellan Wood - but watch the website – and we’re hoping that Janette Macleod will plan one in January on Aviemore (Spey Valley) Golf Course.

Members and non-members are welcome at all events, and we hope members will take these opportunities to learn how events work. 2024 will bring a couple of big exciting events to BASOC-land – more about them later.

2. WOC 2024 Steering Group statement

The World Orienteering Championships are coming to Edinburgh in July 2024 - WOC 2024. This event should have taken place in 2022 and was postponed due to COVID. Since the original planning, budgeting etc. there have been many changes in the world and this has had financial implications with regard to WOC 2024. Club chairs have been asked to discuss the implications of this with their membership.
The BASOC Board discussed the implications at a Board meeting on Monday 14th August and were in general agreement to support this way forward with a couple of caveats. There was also a Zoom discussion held with Scottish Orienteering at the same time and summary notes for that are included below.
The outline of the implications:

The Scottish Orienteering Board also recognises that members will have differing opinions about whether this is the right use for members’ money. If you would like to know more and also discuss this matter further, then please get in touch with BASOC Chair, Clare before 25th August 2023.

3. Event Welfare & Safety Workshop and Event Organiser Workshop

After the BASOC Board meeting last night, we have some decisions about the ESW workshop. Get the date in your diary NOW.

Who are the workshops aimed at?

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