Veteran Home Internationals 2017Full Results

Posted: Sun 24 Sep 2017

Detailed results for the whole weekend

Overall Points Results

Relay 114 108 50 38
Individual 145 132 78 62
Total 259 240 128 100

VHI Relay Update

For directions, parking & arena layout and other standard event information which is common to both the relay and the public mass start race please see the Pre Event Info here.

Team managers have until 6pm on Friday 22nd September to make their final relay team declarations. These should be made to Anne Hickling, either in person at Lagganlia or via email. Relay numbers will be issued to team managers on arrival at Lagganlia.

Registration and any final team changes from 0900.

Call up & map issue at 0945.

Mass start at 1000 for both relay classes.

Relay 1 (Medium-medium-XL) (Man-Woman-Man) will have relay bib numbers 1-16

Relay 2 (Short-Long-Long) (Woman-Man-Woman) will have bib numbers 101-116

Course Length (km) Climb (m)
Short 2.4 105
Medium 3.2 125
Long 4.6 175
XL 5.1 185

There is a spectator control visible from the arena.

VHI runners can leave the car park before 1200 or after 1330. We do anticipate being able to allow people to leave before this once the young juniors have finished but please listen to marshals on the day.

VHI Individual Update

Start & prizegiving times on the Sunday have been moved at the request of those teams with long journeys home. The correct timings are now:

VHI Individual start times 09.00 – 10.00

VHI prizegiving 12.00

VHI Individual start lists will be published on Friday 8th September.

For directions, parking & arena layout and other standard event information please see the Pre Event Info here. Please be aware that whilst the main public event car park is 10 minutes’ walk from Lagganlia, VHI competitors will be able to park in the grounds of Lagganlia all weekend, including during the event on Sunday. This means you can roll out of bed directly to your early morning starts! Many of you will want to drive away whilst the event is still ongoing, so please take care as the grounds will be extremely busy.

Control Site Layout

We draw particular attention to this for VHI competitors: It has not been possible to comply fully with BO Rule 23.4 "For level A and B events, the layout of the control banner, control code and punching stations must be the same for all control sites". There will be two types of stake in use at this event, with model controls available to view at registration.

Training Maps

VHI competitors are welcome to download and print the training map for Inshriach North.

Final Accommodation & VHI Dinner Arrangements

Anne Hickling will be in contact individually with Team Managers to make the very final arrangements regarding accommodation & the VHI dinner.

You can also download this Bulletin as a PDF.

Bulletin 3 supercedes the two previous Bulletins, but you may review these as PDFs at the following links:

Download Bulletin 1 here

Download Bulletin 2 here

Start List

You can also download the start list spreadsheet to sort in your preferred order.
Updated 19th Sept (including the card number, please check this is correct).

Si-Card Name Age Class Country CourseClass StartTime
511511 Richard Robinson M35 ENG Brown 09:05:00
8110277 Duncan Archer M40 ENG Brown 09:21:00
9740608 Nick Barrable M40 ENG Brown 09:41:00
753860 Neil Conway M45 ENG Short Brown 09:10:00
7050568 Darrell High M45 ENG Short Brown 09:22:00
641109 Charlie Adams M50 ENG Short Brown 09:43:00
630506 Clive Hallett M50 ENG Short Brown 09:55:00
8442222 Quentin Harding M55 ENG Blue 09:01:00
600104 Tim Tett M55 ENG Blue 09:09:00
8371371 Rob Parkinson M60 ENG Blue 09:49:00
570406 Adrian Pickles M60 ENG Blue 09:57:00
9510518 Steve Whitehead M65 ENG Short Blue 09:32:00
503510 Pippa Archer W35 ENG Short Brown 09:31:00
261793 Christine Currie W40 ENG Blue 09:28:00
8140776 Sarah Rollins W40 ENG Blue 09:36:00
8160770 Amanda Crawshaw W45 ENG Short Blue 09:11:00
32842 Lucy Wiegand W45 ENG Short Blue 09:23:00
8033062 Sara Campbell W50 ENG Short Blue 09:44:00
857646 Lesley Ross W50 ENG Short Blue 09:56:00
8030261 Vicky Thornton W55 ENG Green 09:04:00
8645235 Jane Morgan W55 ENG Green 09:16:00
572303 Jackie Hallett W60 ENG Green 09:28:00
1150655 Alison Simmons W60 ENG Green 09:40:00
8630958 Christine Kiddier W65 ENG Short Green 09:18:00
0 tbc M35 IRE Brown 09:10:00
8339991 Philip Johnston-Davis M40 IRE Brown 09:36:00
0 Jens Waechter M40 IRE Brown 09:56:00
1391155 Angus Tyner M45 IRE Short Brown 09:04:00
0 Richard Vasey M45 IRE Short Brown 09:16:00
1399661 Colm O'Halloran M50 IRE Short Brown 09:37:00
1399434 Billy Reed M50 IRE Short Brown 09:49:00
2031824 Aonghus O'Cleirigh M55 IRE Blue 09:07:00
51012 Val Jones M55 IRE Blue 09:15:00
8011551 Raymond Finlay M60 IRE Blue 09:51:00
1008514 John McCullough M60 IRE Blue 09:59:00
1006363 Wilbert Hollinger M65 IRE Short Blue 09:35:00
500990 Toni O'Donovan W35 IRE Short Brown 09:28:00
1391154 Colleen Robinson W40 IRE Blue 09:26:00
422735 Violet Linton W40 IRE Blue 09:34:00
23197 Jen Leonard W45 IRE Short Blue 09:05:00
1405885 Eileen Young W45 IRE Short Blue 09:17:00
433161 Heather Wood W50 IRE Short Blue 09:38:00
666173 Heather Cairns W50 IRE Short Blue 09:50:00
51089 Elizabeth Deane W55 IRE Green 09:01:00
335229 Ann Savage W55 IRE Green 09:13:00
8629122 Mary Healy W60 IRE Green 09:31:00
8645276 Ruth Lynam W60 IRE Green 09:43:00
8230650 Teresa Finlay W65 IRE Short Green 09:24:00
9617603 Will Hensman M35 SCO Brown 09:15:00
501070 David Godfree M40 SCO Brown 09:26:00
8230874 Roger Goddard M40 SCO Brown 09:46:00
680804 Ben Stansfield M45 SCO Short Brown 09:01:00
1401777 Jason Inman M45 SCO Short Brown 09:13:00
550185 Dave Robertson M50 SCO Short Brown 09:40:00
8290460 Ian Maxwell M50 SCO Short Brown 09:52:00
401790 Jonathan Musgrave M55 SCO Blue 09:05:00
8310562 Robert Lee M55 SCO Blue 09:13:00
8290357 John Tullie M60 SCO Blue 09:47:00
8071957 Donald Petrie M60 SCO Blue 09:55:00
7205312 Robin Sloan M65 SCO Short Blue 09:26:00
574343 Gemma Karatay W35 SCO Short Brown 09:25:00
203188 Kirsty Bryan-Jones W40 SCO Blue 09:30:00
8070974 Heather Thomson W40 SCO Blue 09:38:00
501342 Sarah Dunn W45 SCO Short Blue 09:02:00
8030968 Jenny Peel W45 SCO Short Blue 09:14:00
887390 Lorna Eades W50 SCO Short Blue 09:41:00
41350 Hazel Dean W50 SCO Short Blue 09:53:00
50198 Christine Patterson W55 SCO Green 09:07:00
1233936 Maggie Scrugham W55 SCO Green 09:19:00
8150159 Pauline McAdam W60 SCO Green 09:34:00
24968 Gill Berrow W60 SCO Green 09:46:00
8270252 Margaret Dalgleish W65 SCO Short Green 09:36:00
24941 Rhys Manning M35 WAL Brown 09:00:00
563588 David Alcock M40 WAL Brown 09:31:00
8121969 Al Powell M40 WAL Brown 09:51:00
264231 Richard Barrett M45 WAL Short Brown 09:07:00
8100468 Ifor Powell M45 WAL Short Brown 09:19:00
400885 Niall Reynolds M50 WAL Short Brown 09:46:00
7744477 Robin Bishop M50 WAL Short Brown 09:58:00
260341 James Clemence M55 WAL Blue 09:03:00
1959024 Mark Saunders M55 WAL Blue 09:11:00
8641854 Peter Ribbans M60 WAL Blue 09:45:00
220285 Mike Kay M60 WAL Blue 09:53:00
7992607 David May M65 WAL Short Blue 09:29:00
1230278 Sian Mitchell W35 WAL Short Brown 09:34:00
342253 Christine Farr W40 WAL Blue 09:24:00
7300024 Sophie Brown W40 WAL Blue 09:32:00
7300082 Sasha Habgood W45 WAL Short Blue 09:08:00
2096682 Jenny Hemming W45 WAL Short Blue 09:20:00
9101761 Annemieke Silk W50 WAL Short Blue 09:47:00
2038683 Kate O'Sullivan W50 WAL Short Blue 09:59:00
1961168 Margaret Reynolds W55 WAL Green 09:10:00
503485 Alice Bedwell W55 WAL Green 09:22:00
1804020 Maggie Oliver W60 WAL Green 09:37:00
1008122 Liz Campbell W60 WAL Green 09:49:00
517712 Jill Manning W65 WAL Short Green 09:30:00